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Latest From SEO Moz

  • What Do You Do When You Lose Organic Traffic to Google SERP Features? November 14, 2018
    Posted by Emily.PotterGoogle’s increasing dominance of their own search engine results pages (SERPs) has kicked up a lot of panic and controversy in the SEO industry. As Barry Adams pointed out on Twitter recently, this move by Google is not exactly new, but it does feel like Google has suddenly placed their foot on the accelerator: I find it hilarious that […]
  • The Advanced Guide to Keyword Clustering November 13, 2018
    Posted by tomcasanoIf your goal is to grow your organic traffic, you have to think about SEO in terms of “product/market fit.”Keyword research is the “market” (what users are actually searching for) and content is the “product” (what users are consuming). The “fit” is optimization. To grow your organic traffic, you need your content to mirror the reality of […]
  • The Difference Between URL Structure and Information Architecture - Whiteboard Friday November 9, 2018
    Posted by willcritchlowQuestions about URL structure and information architecture are easy to get confused, but it's an important distinction to maintain. IA tends to be more impactful than URL decisions alone, but advice given around IA often defaults to suggestions on how to best structure your URLs. In this Whiteboard Friday, Will Critchlow helps us […]
  • What the Local Customer Service Ecosystem Looks Like in 2019 November 5, 2018
    Posted by MiriamEllisEverything your brand does in the new year should support just one goal: better local customer service. Does this sound too simple? Doesn’t marketing brim with a thousand different tasks? Of course — but if the goal of each initiative isn’t to serve the customer better, it’s time for a change of business heart. By putting customers, and […]
  • How Do Sessions Work in Google Analytics? - Whiteboard Friday November 2, 2018
    Posted by Tom.CapperOne of these sessions is not like the other. Google Analytics data is used to support tons of important work, ranging from our everyday marketing reporting all the way to investment decisions. To that end, it's integral that we're aware of just how that data works.In this week's edition of Whiteboard Friday, we welcome Tom […]

Latest From SEO Book

  • Left is Right & Up is Down November 16, 2017
    Probably the single best video to watch to understand the power of Google & Facebook (or even most of the major problems across society) is this following video about pleasure versus happiness. In constantly seeking pleasure we forego happiness. The "feed" based central aggregation networks are just like slot machines in your pocket: variable r […]
    Aaron Wall
  • Grist for the Machine October 9, 2017
    Grist Much like publishers, employees at the big tech monopolies can end up little more than grist. Products & product categories come & go, but even if you build "the one" you still may lose everything in the process. Imagine building the most successful consumer product of all time only to realize:'The iPhone is the reason I'm d […]
    Aaron Wall
  • Virtual Real Estate October 9, 2017
    Wrastlin With The News The current presidential cabinet includes a WWE co-founder & this passes for modern political discourse: #FraudNewsCNN #FNN— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 2, 2017 CNN promised vengeance. Something To Believe In The pretense of objectivity has been dropped: These reporters aren't ideologues. […]
    Aaron Wall
  • Rank Checker Update April 26, 2017
    Recently rank checker started hanging on some search queries & the button on the SEO Toolbar which launched rank checker stopped working. Both of these issues should now be fixed if you update your Firefox extensions. If ever the toolbar button doesn't work one can enable the Menu bar in Firefox, then go under the tools menu to the rank checker sect […]
    Aaron Wall
  • DMOZ Shut Down March 21, 2017
    Last August I wrote a blog post about how attention merchants were sucking the value out of online publishing. In it I noted how the Yahoo! Directory disappeared & how even DMOZ saw a sharp drop in traffic & rankings over the past few years. The concept of a neutral web is dead. In its place is agenda-driven media. Politically charged misinformed sni […]
    Aaron Wall

Latest From Pro Blogger

  • 269: How Rowan Grew His Pinterest Following to More Than 300,000 in Two Months November 12, 2018
    The post 269: How Rowan Grew His Pinterest Following to More Than 300,000 in Two Months appeared first on ProBlogger. How a Blogger Uses Pinterest to Boost His Following Welcome to the final episode of our Blogger Breakthroughs series. Today we share a story from Rowan Sims, Digital Photography School writer and ProBlogger podcast listener.   Rowan’s also a […]
    Darren Rowse
  • How to Approach Influencers in Your Niche: Twelve Crucial Tips November 8, 2018
    The post How to Approach Influencers in Your Niche: Twelve Crucial Tips appeared first on ProBlogger. Do you want to connect with influencers in your niche? Most bloggers do. But many of them go about it the wrong way. Forming relationships with influencers is something you really want to get right. Done well, it’s one of the best ways to grow your audience […]
    Darren Rowse
  • 268: How Anita Diversified Her Blogging Income and Depended Less On Page Views November 5, 2018
    The post 268: How Anita Diversified Her Blogging Income and Depended Less On Page Views appeared first on ProBlogger. How a Blogger Expanded Her Income Streams and Engaged Readers in a New Way As a blogger, do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel? Do you need to continually feed the machine to keep your blog generating traffic and income? We continue our […]
    Darren Rowse
  • 267: How Krista Overcame Fear and Procrastination in Her Blogging October 29, 2018
    The post 267: How Krista Overcame Fear and Procrastination in Her Blogging appeared first on ProBlogger. How One Blogger Pushed Through Her Fear We continue our Blogging Breakthroughs series with Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui, who has a blog called A Life in Progress. Krista knew nothing about setting up a social platform. But she overcame procrastination and f […]
    Darren Rowse
  • What to Do When Someone Steals Your Blog Content October 25, 2018
    The post What to Do When Someone Steals Your Blog Content appeared first on ProBlogger. This post is based on Episode 108 of the ProBlogger podcast. One day, you come across someone else’s blog online that has surprisingly familiar content. Very familiar content. Yours, in fact! In most cases, they’ll have taken entire posts for your blog – images, links and […]
    Darren Rowse

Latest From John Chow

  • 4 Awesome Marketing Tweaks to Make to Your Blog November 13, 2018
    It’s important you have unique ways to build engagement on your blog. Over the years, we have learned a lot about the way people interact with blogs. This is cool because it allows us to keep up-to date with changing trends within the industry. Let’s explore some cool tweaks you can make to your blog to help WITH marketing. Let’s […]
    Rizvan Ullah
  • Six Ways to Grow Your Twitter Following by Leaps and Bounds in 2019 November 12, 2018
    Are you wondering how to increase your Twitter followers in 2019? You’re not alone. Millions of business owners, independent artists, musicians, and content creators all want to know how to increase their Twitter views, engagements, likes, and followers in 2019. It’s not too early to start planning for the new year. You need to work on putting a marketing st […]
    Kristel Staci
  • Elon Musk Sent A Dead Body Into Space November 12, 2018
    Was Space X Starman really a dead body that Elon Musk shot into space? We explore that question, and more, at this week’s Dot Com Lunch. Let us know what you think. Click Here To Download John Chow’s New eBook, The Ultimate Online Profit Model!
    John Chow
  • Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 at Cars and Coffee November 11, 2018
    I check out the Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 at this week’s South OC Cars and Coffee. It’s got some REALLY BIG brakes! In addition to the Unplugged Tesla, Cars and Coffee featured over 600 cars for you to check out. It happens every Saturday from 9am to 11am at the Outlets at San Clemente. Click Here To Download John […]
    John Chow
  • The Only Thing Worse Than Trolls and Haters November 9, 2018
    When you work in any sort of creative profession, your success is inherently contingent on whether or not people like you. Or rather, whether or not they like what you create. And here’s the thing. The stuff you create doesn’t even need to be *good* in the traditional sense, as long as people want to consume it and, depending on […]
    Michael Kwan

Latest From Search Engine Land

Latest From Shoe Money

  • How to Bring Your Brand Story to Life with an Explainer Video November 13, 2018
    Have you created a whiteboard or animation video for your brand yet? If not, now is the time to get started. Video animation is one of the most effective ways you can engage and increase your audience. Below are some great tips as to how you can bring your brand story to life with an explainer video using video animation techniques. Know your audience One of […]
  • The Streaming Service Takeover November 12, 2018
    Netflix has over 137 million subscribers. There are 15 million viewers on Twitch watching people play video games on daily basis. This isn’t counting YouTube, Microsoft’s streaming service, Hulu, or the new DC Universe. Podcasting has taken over and there are just as many podcasts on iTunes and Spotify and there are songs. To top it all off, Disney is releas […]
    Matt Ruley
  • Is Podcasting the Best Place to Spend Marketing Dollars? November 12, 2018
    Like most marketers, I’m a sucker for a good statistic. And one I saw recently blew my mind. More than 30% of Americans between ages 25 and 54 listen to at least one podcast per month. Marketers aren’t ignoring the phenomenon. We’re spending a ton of money to advertise on people’s podcasts. Ad revenue has gone from less than $70 million in 2015 to over $250 […]
    Matt Ruley
  • The Benefits of Buying a Used Domain Name November 12, 2018
    If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you’ve probably been doing a ton of research. Everyone tells you to “come up with a great domain name”. And while this is true, it’s not the only avenue. You have options. One of the best choices is to buy a domain name that already exists. Sure, it won’t be something you picked out. It won’t be cute. It won’t be a story […]
    Matt Ruley
  • Influencers? Yes, Please! November 11, 2018
    In my last post, I briefly mentioned influencers. Specifically, how Ninja is helping to promote the popular battle royale game Fortnite. Every brand can utilize influencers. Your main concern is probably the cost. And yes, it’s true. Paying influencers can come with a hefty price tag. But in the world of the internet and online marketing, things aren’t alway […]
    Matt Ruley

Latest From Search Engine Watch

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Latest From Search Engine Round Table

  • Google Does Not Use BBB Or Other Trust Building Sites For Ranking
    Google's John Mueller confirmed yesterday in a video hangout that Google does not use the BBB, Better Business Bureaus score or reviews as well as other third-party trust sites in their ranking algorithm. So all that talk about making sure you have a good BBB score with the core updates is really completely unrelated to core search rankings. (Barry Schwartz)
  • Google: Alt Image Attribute Is Used By Web Search But More So For Image Search
    Google's John Mueller clarified in yesterday's webmaster hangout video that while Google does look and read the alternative image attribute (alt tag) for use on web search, it plays a small role there. It is more heavily used by Google in image search and that is the primary SEO reason to use alt image text, not for web search but for image search. […] (Barry Schwartz)
  • A Smoking Google Pumpkin (Barry Schwartz)
  • Daily Search Forum Recap: November 13, 2018
    Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today... (Barry Schwartz)
  • Google Local Panel Adds See Other Locations Link
    Google has added a link in some of the local knowledge panels, including the hotel ones, that say "see other locations." So when you are viewing a specific location, it lets you click a link to see other locations from the same or similar brand. (Barry Schwartz)

Latest From Quick Sprout

  • How Topic Clusters Are Revolutionizing the Future of Marketing November 12, 2018
    To survive in today’s competitive digital landscape, businesses need to focus on their content strategies now more than ever. You need to understand how your target audience consumes content and figure out what they’re looking for. It’s not effective to produce random content at a high rate if it’s not valuable. Everything you publish across  [click to conti […]
    Neil Patel
  • 11 Metrics Every Marketing Manager Needs to Track November 9, 2018
    How successful are your marketing campaigns? Believe it or not, this seemingly simple question puzzles many marketers and business owners I work with. You’re running ads, and customers are buying what you’re selling, so your marketing efforts must be working, right? Not necessarily. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this means your strategies have  [click t […]
    Neil Patel
  • B2B Marketers’ AI Expectations 2018-19 November 7, 2018
    Artificial intelligence has created a lot of buzz lately, and for good reasons. Whether your company has adapted or not, this technology has already penetrated our world. Marketers are using AI to improve their businesses. I know what some of you are thinking. Sure, some companies use AI, but you don’t need to yet, right?  [click to continue...]
    Neil Patel
  • The Best Web Hosting for Small Business November 5, 2018
    A high quality web hosting provider needs to have three things: Fast, secure technology that has what your website needs to run well Hosting options that give your business room to grow Fast access to customer support members who know what they’re talking about, and a huge catalog of nuanced self-help content InMotion and SiteGround,  [click to continue...] […]
    Quicksprout Editorial
  • How to Grow Your YouTube Channel with These 12 Tools November 2, 2018
    When people talk about social media, the first networks that come to mind are usually Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While YouTube may not be your first thought, it needs to become a priority for you moving forward. Whether you’re a business, Internet personality, or social influencer, your YouTube channel will help you increase sales with  [click to cont […]
    Neil Patel

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