What to Know About the Google Hummingbird Update

hummingbird flyingWritten by Jeremy Albelda

When the rumblings begin about another Google update, many website owners become concerned because they are not sure if their websites will drop in ranking because of a new algorithm. The biggest difference with the new Google Hummingbird update is that Google is giving website owners some insight into exactly what they can do to improve their ranking. Don’t be discouraged that a new update is here, follow some of these tips and techniques to improve the ranking of your website – here’s what to know about the Google Hummingbird update.

Depending when you first built your website, you may have implemented SEO techniques that are no longer helping your website. The days of stuffing your website with keywords is gone, and often Google will penalize a website that tries to abuse this technique. Google has made it very clear with their new Hummingbird update that they are beginning to focus on more conversational keywords. What they mean by this is more searches are being conducted that use full conversational search terms than just a few keywords.

People are looking online for a local dog groomer that does puppy cuts, as opposed to recent years of just searching dog groomer. The reasoning behind the shift in power for the keywords is more people are using their smartphones to do searches. When someone uses a phone to do a search for a local business they are simply talking into the phone to do the search. This means when someone searches for a Mazda car dealer in San Francisco, the search term holds much more relevance than Mazda dealer or car dealer. If your website was optimized for car dealer or Mazda dealer you will be dropping in ranking as the websites that understand how important conversation keywords are rise.

The best way to take advantage of this knowledge is to take a look at your niche, your website and your location and begin to implement new keywords on your website. When you add new content to the website you need to add these new keywords into the articles and hyperlink them to other pages on your website so the search engine spiders are aware of them. If you are running a dance studio in Memphis your keywords of dancing, dance studio and ballet company are not going to hold much weight anymore. Begin to incorporate keywords like dance studio in Memphis, Memphis ballet company and best dancing company in the Memphis area. When you have local clients search for a dance studio in Memphis you are going to begin to move to the top of the search results for not only a dance company in Memphis, you will be gaining more ranking power for all the other keywords on your website by default.

Don’t be upset that a new update is in place because Google has let everyone know a little behind the reason for the update. Use this information to help improve the ranking of your website and as you add more conversational keywords to your website, you will enjoy more traffic and more exposure in the long run.

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