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5 white hat SEO tactics

Written by Jeremy Albelda These days, more people are discovering the liberating potential of owning a business on the web.  Additionally, many owners of brick and mortar outfits are looking to enhance the local visibility of their services, as more and more potential customers turn to search engines instead of the Yellow Pages to find […]

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5 Ways To Increase Facebook Engagement

Written by Jeremy Albelda It’s the chestnut that many Facebook page managers have a hard time cracking.  It’s easy to set up the cover image and submit posts, but getting people to like, share, or comment on their content?  The silence is so pervasive on their accounts that you can almost hear the crickets chirping. […]

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5 Basic SEO Tips For Beginners

good SEO resources

Written by Jeremy AlbeldaWebsites with search engine friendly pages usually rank higher. Consequently, it is important to learn a few SEO techniques that will help to drive your website to the top of the popular search engines. Wondering why this is so important? Well, statistics show that most people looking for information via search engines […]

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What to Know About the Google Hummingbird Update

hummingbird flying

Written by Jeremy Albelda When the rumblings begin about another Google update, many website owners become concerned because they are not sure if their websites will drop in ranking because of a new algorithm. The biggest difference with the new Google Hummingbird update is that Google is giving website owners some insight into exactly what […]

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What is Google PageRank?

google link juice

Written by Jeremy AlbeldaArguably one of the world’s largest and highly regarded corporations, Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet and extensively gathers information from all who use it. From this data, PageRank can be used to determine how popular a webpage is. PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns a […]

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A Brief History of Social Media

Social Media apps

Written by Jeremy AlbeldaSocial media has revolutionized society, allowing people from different cultures to gather in one place (online and person), exchange ideas and perhaps most importantly to organize and act. Evidence of this has been seen across the globe with the Occupy Movement and the Arab Spring both revolutionary events that have been given […]

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